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“10 for 2021” Impact Research of Sustainalytics Receives Environmental Finance Award

Sustainalytics, the ESG firm honoured for its annual report “10 for 2021: Investing in the Circular Food Economy

Sustainalytics, a Morningstar company and leading global provider of ESG research, ratings, and data, received the Award for its Impact Research – “10 for 2021: Investing in the Circular Food Economy” – in the second annual Environmental Finance IMPACT Awards 2021.

With the demand for food production expected to increase by 25% to 70% over the next 30 years, Sustainalytics’ 10 for 2021 report offers insight into industries most connected to the global food value chain and how companies in key sectors are managing their ESG risks and investing in solutions.

“10 for 2021” draws on components of Sustainalytics’ ESG Risk Ratings to help investors evaluate ESG risks in three key areas of the food economy, including agricultural chemicals and preservatives, agriculture and aquaculture, and food consumption. The authors of the report leverage Sustainalytics’ unique material ESG issue framework to determine how exposed companies involved in the food economy are to ESG risks and how well these companies are managing their risks.  

While the “10 for 2021” report focuses on the ESG risks facing industries in the food value chain, the authors also took a novel analytical approach by focusing on how companies are investing in real-world solutions. Leveraging Sustainalytics’ Sustainable Products Research, which identifies companies that derive revenue from sustainable products and services, the authors show that food industry players are investing in areas such as reducing food waste, precision farming, and organic feed to create a more sustainable food economy.

“Sustainalytics is delighted to be recognized for its impact research by Environmental Finance’s panel of industry experts. The report is our response to increasing interest in circular economy themed funds among investors as the environmental and social impacts of large-scale business activities continue to draw public attention.”

Martin Vezér, PhD, Manager of Thematic Research at Sustainalytics and lead author of 10 for 2021

Environmental Finance’s independent judging panel was impressed by the educational aspects of “10 for 2021” thematic funds coverage, outlining three model strategies that fund investors can utilise to develop well-diversified circular food economy-focused funds.

The report “10 for 2021 : Investing in the Circular Food Economy can be requested here.

Source: Sustainalytics

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