It’s in the majestic convention hall, the One Monte-Carlo, that the 2nd Entrepreneurship Awards, been hold organized by the Young Economic Chamber of Monaco JCEM, under the High Patronage of S.A.S. Prince Albert II

Were present for this exceptional event, number of personalities from the Monegasque Government as well as the partners of the JCEM, and active members, all driven by the same passion for commitment to entrepreneurship in the Principality.

The JCEM President’s, Mr Alexandre Maniloff recalled during his keynote that, in addition to a GDP of 6 billion euros, the Principality brought together a pool of brave and creative entrepreneurs who shape the future of the country. What could be better then than relying on the quote of the famous philosopher and businessman Peter Drucker : “the best way to predicting the future is creating it.” Many of them shared yesterday this vision of the future, each with its own sectoral expertise, and all driven by the same desire for creation and innovation.

The evening revolved around the presentation of the JCEM’s actions. Me Marion Soler, CEO of Actis, and Vice-President of Entrepreneurship at JCEM 2019, stated the four maturing axes of the professional projects carried out by the JCEM in the principality, starting with Graine d’Entrepreuneur (Entrepreneur’s Seed), followed by the Start-up weekend, the Création d’Entreprise (Start-Up Competition), followed by the battle of the best Pitch, with the famous GetInTheRing concept.

Hosted by Mr. David Sirour, and in the presence of Mr Patrice Cellario, Government Adviser – Ministry of the Interior, and Nicolas Rodier, Technical Adviser to the Princier Government, on 3 they presented the 3 winning projects of Graine d’Entrepreneur’s competition, allowing spectators to be moved by the freshness, the courage and the talent of the high school students present on stage. Students who already seemed to be won by the desire to start a business, acquired through this first approach to the professional world and the commitment of mentors who worked alongside with them.

In order to recall the difficult rise of the majority of entrepreneurs, Mr Thierry Leray, of Telis, partner company of the Trophés de l’Entreprnariate for 3 years, very generously shared the memories of his first steps as a before giving the floor to the President of the National Council, to Mr. Stéphane Valeri. During his speech, Mr Valeri was a major reminder of the importance that MonacoTech plays in the Principality’s ecosystem as a nursery and support structure for creators during their first year of development.

The Monaco Boost 2020 project, the centre of business which will be next to MonacoTech will allow succesfull start-ups to keep their offices in the principality with reduced costs.

“I salute the adventurers, these entrepreneurs who are numerous in the room, the creators, the managers, the developers of ideas and projects that honour our economy”

Mr Valeri stressed the importance of the new challenge of the digital transition for the Monegasque government: “You are aware of Prince Albert II’s desire to make this country a “leader in this area” and to recall that the size of the country does not necessarily make his greatness.

He rightly brought up to light the thought of Prince Rainier III “There is no need to be a big country to have great dreams, nor to be many to achieve them.” The digital world is a powerfull tool that allow cross borders.

This digital transition is in line with an economic growth for the principality and attracts the support of the Government and National Councillors; these are going to vote tomorrow, Thursday 19 December, to double the budget in favor of the Digital transition. This is expected to reach an amount of 50 million euro; this decision comes right after that two laws have already agreed in favor of digital identity and blockchain development, of which the essence is to encourage and develop initiatives and entrepreneurship in this sector.

An evening rich in speakers and innovation, continuing with the presentation of the 2019 Creation Entreprise’s Competition by David Rannou. A short time for him to take a look at previous creators who have been there a few years earlier, including Papyrus, My Marketing Manager or ONHYS.

The floor was then given to Mr Jean Castellini, who gave a strong speech in favour of entrepreneurs and praised their importance in the principality as essential actors and mechanisms for the vitality of the country. (As an entrepreneur there is) “a desire to succeed for oneself, to create jobs, but also to contribute in a more global way to the economic and social model of the principality which is based on a clever balance between what the Government, the institutions, the National Council can do alongside the entrepreneur but above all what you (entrepreneurs) can do to help, change the country and accompany it towards this digital transition, this Monaco of the 21st century”

Candidates who had 60 seconds to pitch their project came along on stage, one by one, and introduce projects in a variety of fields: Art People, Sea Further, Sky Deals, Bump, Swap, Ecolowasting, World e-Bike, O’Sol, Klavem, Krilino or ETYC

Mr Grégoire Dompeyre, partner at Athos Partners, presented the award to the winners including Sea Further, Etyc and eBike

The evening ended on the last Pitch coaching action for start-ups, led by the JCEM. Because a project already involves the talent and conviction of the person who presents it. It’s Mr Marc Mourou, Chairman of the Education Commission, Youth and Sports, who introduced this last prize in the presence of Mr Henrik Halbe, who initiated GetITheRing in Monaco.

The winner of the award was awarded to Alexis Giannotti for his green coffee-based textile project entitled Giannotti, which will represent Monaco at the GITR World Final