The Digital Security Strategic Committee met for the6th time on Tuesday, January 14.

Created by Sovereign Order in 2017, its role is to validate and follow the action plans arising from the national digital security strategy, to identify key technologies for the development of a trusted digital environment, to assess initial and continuous training needs, to monitor research and to support its valuations, to analyze technological and economic monitoring to anticipate changes in digital issues.

Chaired by the Minister of State, Serge Telle, the Committee is made up of the President of the National Council, Stéphane Valeri, the Director of Judicial Services, Philippe Narmino, Government Counselors – Ministers, the Mayor, George Marsan, the Secretary General of the Government, Robert Colle, of the Director of Monegasque Digital Security Agency, Dominique Riban, the Interministerial Delegate in charge of Digital Transition, Frédérique Genta, the Director of Government Networks and Information Systems, Jean-Charles Harlé, the Director of Development of Digital Uses, Christophe Pierre, the President of the Economic Council, Social and Environmental, Patrick Bernasconi, from Mr. André Saint-Mleux.

Digital Security Strategic Committee

The missions of the previously named entities are detailed in the next paragraphs to provide broad visibility of each person’s role.

The Monegasque Digital Security Agency is the national authority in charge of the security of information systems.

It is a centre of expertise, response and processing in security and digital attacks and, as such, has, in particular, for missions:

  • Prevent, detect and deal with cyberattacks, including through the implementation of advice, regulations, detection systems, alert systems, and incident-handling capacity
  • Reacting to crises caused by cyberattacks and coordinating response actions
  • Assess and certify the safety of information technology products and systems
  • Assess e-certification and signature service providers
  • To represent the Principality in international digital security bodies and other centres of expertise, response and processing in the field of computer attacks
  • To raise awareness and incentivize public services and vital operators (IVOs) to the requirements of digital security
  • To monitor the level of security of IVOs with the cooperation of the Digital Uses Development Directorate with respect to electronic communications operators operating networks or telecommunications service providers or Internet access

The Interministerial Delegation for Digital Transition with an inter-purpose is responsible :

  • To supervise and coordinate all the new Digital Directorates in an operational manner to improve the quality, efficiency, efficiency and reliability of the service rendered to public persons and users by the system information and communication
  • Coordinating and synchronizing all digital projects while ensuring consolidation and budget execution
  • To ensure a consultative and proposal role on legislation and regulation, both nationally and internationally
  • To make digital uses accepted and to upgrade the administration for digital transformation
  • To position and promote the Principality and administration in relation to the opportunities and risks of innovations and disruptions for the state in information and communication technologies
  • To develop and anticipate the development of new business models
  • To provide an environment that allows all executive services in the state to access the information they need easily and safely and to ensure the quality and consistency of data
  • Ensure confidentiality, integrity, availability and traceability of government data or information
  • To organize and facilitate the consultation necessary for the evolution of general interoperability and accessibility standards, reference data models and exchange models and, in conjunction with the Monegasque Digital Security Agency (AMSN) ), the general security repository
  • To organize and lead the design and implementation of the mutualization operations of all the administration’s information systems
  • To manage digital concessions and activities with the relevant Directorate and to represent the Government in relations with these dealers
  • To co-manage digital communication with the Communication Directorate
  • To contribute to the administration’s support on digital skills with the Directorate of Human Resources and Training of the Public Service

It has led to the Extend Monaco project in charge of the digitalization of all administrative services, and is also the originator of the Monaco Digital Advisory Council MDAC which since 2018 combines the expertise of digital players internationally.

The Department for the Development of Digital Uses, placed under the authority of Our Minister of State, is responsible for:

  • To ensure, in coordination with the business directorates and, through them, public service delegates, the development of services relating to the “smart city” and more broadly to the “smart country” for users or those branches
  • To be the force to propose new ideas for user services with the development of innovations and experiments within the framework of the “smart city” and more broadly the “smart country”
  • To plan, allocate and manage all the resources of the Principality of Monaco relating to the electronic communications sector (frequencies, numbering, “.mc”, satellite positions, public roads…)
  • To define the rules and possible limitations regarding the use of electronic communications networks and services in accordance with laws and regulations and environmental and public health issues, to ensure the certification of electronic communications equipment and to provide a consultative and proposal role on urban planning and national security issues
  • Establish and maintain relationships with foreign administrations and agencies specializing in electronic communications as well as with foreign public and private operators
  • To develop, publish by ministerial decree and implement the rules concerning the allocation, registration, management and maintenance of the Resources of the Principality of Monaco relating to the electronic communications sector in reference to Article 20 of Act 1.383 of August 2, 2011, amended,
  • Manage digital concessions and activities, which include:
    • Allow and control the activities of operators in the Principality of Monaco and, in general, handle all requests from public or private operators and consumers or their associations relating to the communications sector Electronic
    • Ensure the state’s prerogatives of control and sanction regarding the application of concession contracts and specifications
  • To promote the development of the electronic communications sector in the Principality of Monaco, in particular by supporting the international development of existing players, by facilitating the installation of new players in non-existent fields monopoly, taking the initiative and leading the development of specific innovation programmes

Sources: Principality Government of Monaco

Digital Security Strategic Committee