As Applied Behavioral Finance specialist, the Award-winning Panthera Solutions team is one-of-a-kind actor in the Monegasque financial services sector.

Earlier this year we have made the acquaintance of Markus Schuller, Founder and Managing Partner of Panthera Solutions in Monaco. Dedicated to various causes and events in the Principality, Markus incarnates a skilful personality with a long career in investment banking and management, also acting as Adjunct Professor at the International University of Monaco (IUM), the EDHEC Business School and IE Business School, keynote speaker and author of academic articles.

He and his co-managing partner Biljana Kling manage a team of internationally renowned specialists in different asset management fields and scientific domains. The first years of Panthera were mostly spent as a think tank, translating latest insights of a range of behavioral and financial research realms into a proprietary intervention framework that effectively facilitates directed change. Panthera´s academic and commercial success has proven its framework to significantly improve the investment decision quality of professional investors.

Over the years, a diverse range of asset managers and asset owners across different cultures, sizes and levels of sophistication trusted their service. Clients of their coaching, consulting and Behavior-tech solutions aggregate to more than EUR 100 billion in Assets under Consultancy since inception.

This is certainly this double proficiency of generating a qualitative scholarship with full relevance in corporate application that valued to Panthera Solutions the Awards of Best Financial Service Provider Europe (ex Banks) at The European Global Banking & Finance 2019.

Recently, Panthera Solutions has implemented their new Behaviour-tech system that allow assets managers to ease their investment decision making and strengthen their competitive edge in a fully conscious state of mind.

A Behavior-Tech Solution Born in Monaco


The Panthera Tree is a Behavior-Tech solution that facilitates most evidence-based investment decisions for asset managers and owners to strengthen their competitive edge. Investment decisions are reasoned and monitored at one place. As a habit-forming SaaS technology, it is designed to improve decision making, for which it incorporates learning, management and compliance aspects. 

A Behavior-Tech Solution Born in Monaco


In addition to its impact on taking measurably better investment decisions, it meets highest quality standards by being ISO 31000:2018 compliant. It furthermore supports its users to cost-effectively comply with regulatory requirements under Solvency II, Mifid2 and the Business Judgement Rule.

The concept of the Panthera Tree has been developed and proven in their consulting work for several years. Converting it into a SaaS, now enables more professional investors to benefit from its practical advantages. 

A Behavior-Tech Solution Born in Monaco