Aemilio, a “Data-Driven” engineering company that develops software solutions for the finance, environment and e-mobility sectors and supports the development of Cleantech start-ups in Monaco.

Wealth Moanco had already gave the floor to Eric Prada, founder of Aemilio, for the digital technologies it offers and more particularly for its software solution, MILHA, serving as a digital platform for prototyping and creation of mathematical trading models on which technologies of proprietary machine learning is applied to make algorithms “smarter” and more efficient.

This time, we asked Dr Ing Eric Prada to develop on technologies applied in the fields ofEnergy / Environment (Energy management and digitalization of battery systems, Training, Renewable energies), and Mobility / Motorsports (Formula-E , e-TCR, Electrified vehicles)

Your solutions are multi-sectoral, tell us more

In an economic context where questions of digital, economic and environmental transitions are becoming increasingly important, the company Aemilio develops software solutions and Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies in order to support companies in the valuation of their data and their digital methodologies.

We develop digital technologies for large accounts (US, Germany, France, Eastern Europe) mainly in 3 major industrial and economic areas: Finance, Energy / Environment and Mobility

Regarding the Cleantech and e-Mobility activities, Aemilio provides support, technical advice and technological developments for large international groups as well as for start-ups developing innovative products.

What is your view on the Monegasque eco-system?

With regard to developments around the energy and environmental transition, Monaco has many advantages. The presence of cleantech and e-Mobility start-ups incubated at MonacoTech makes it possible to create a link and a network under construction around issues in the design and optimization of technological solutions that can be found in different applications or projects. The exchanges between the different actors make it possible to pool ideas or developments.

Monaco’s second strength is to bring these networks together in a territory that is the ideal size to serve as a development platform or an open-air laboratory.

5G is definitely an asset to contribute to this digital acceleration to provide efficient and quality digital services

In the Monegasque ecosystem, Aemilio is already working with 2 start-ups incubated at Monacotech. The first, Lanéva Boats, develops electric boats, the second, AIR ION Technologies, develops electrified helicopters (or Air Taxi) for the yachting sector in particular.

We are delighted to work in collaboration with companies such as Lanéva Boats and Air Ion Technologies, which are developing ambitious Cleantech and e-Mobility projects on Monegasque soil. The projects are fantastic and the entrepreneurs / teams are really keen to develop know-how in electrification on the territory of Monaco. We are proud to participate and provide support on these themes of innovation and e-Mobility.

More technically, what is Amelio’s expertise?

In this context of carbon-free transport developments (air, land or sea), Aemilio provides expertise in electrification technologies and in particular traction chains and electric motorization: from system selection / specification / benchmark to their optimization thanks to to digital technologies.

In particular, we have recognized expertise in electrical energy storage systems (batteries) and in the development of modeling and numerical simulation solutions for this type of systems and we also provide technical training on the management and storage themes of energy with expertise in battery systems for stationary or transport applications.

We also develop dimensioning solutions and energy management laws for photovoltaic (solar) applications.

The Aemilio company also has experience in very high performance electrification, in particular through its activities and development projects with players in electric and hybrid motorsport as well as on hypercars.

We support our clients by developing technological bricks to meet their needs or their problems. Our know-how in systems engineering and data engineering allows us to provide specific answers to problems that can be quite complex, such as data analysis, development of simulation software, development of embedded software or process automation and methodologies.

Our positioning is to provide digital solutions allowing our customers to gain in agility and performance and thus contribute to the acceleration towards greener mobility.

With all these achievements underway, what other perspectives?

Through this web of young companies, we discuss possible developments indeed. Aemilio is already working on the creation of new services and solutions (cloud computing) to accelerate developments and to support the Monegasque (and international) ecosystem around these issues of e-Mobility and energy efficiency.

Interview: Dr Ing. Eric Prada – Aemilio par Joana Foglia