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A Blurring Extra-Financial Market

This growing demand is creating a broad landscape of services providers, ratings, datas or methodologies could participates in a way, to a global lack of clarity. According to latest study of the European Fund Asset Management Association (EFAMA), asset managers in Europe manage almost EUR 11 trillion of assets that take some form of ESG […]

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O&G sector and climate issues

Publication of the latest Carbon4 study which examines the ability of large players in the oil and gas sector to align with the Paris agreements. The independent consulting firm Carbon4 published its latest study on the oil sector by applying their Carbon Impact Analytics (CIA) methodology aimed at measuring companies’ exposure to transition risk via […]

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AMF & AFM Propose a Framework For Extra-financial Data

French and Dutch financial market authorities call for a European regulation of ESG data, ratings, and related services The Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF) and its Dutch counterpart, the Autoriteit Financiële Markten (AFM), propose a European regulatory framework for providers of sustainability-related services, which could become one of the key measures of the European Commission’s […]

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Green Deal: Sustainable batteries for a circular and climate neutral economy

Since 2006, batteries and waste batteries have been regulated at EU level under the Batteries Directive (2006/66/EC). It is necessary to modernize the legal framework due to changes of socioeconomic conditions, technological developments, markets, and battery uses. Demand for batteries is increasing rapidly and is set to increase 14 fold by 2030. This is mostly […]

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Don’t vote! Others Will Do It In Your Name

Decisions taken at AGMs are crucial for the course of the company and implicitly for investors’ portfolios. Owning company shares implies owning part of a company. Each year, publicly traded companies prepare a report addressed to their shareholders detailing the resolutions that will be debated during annual general meetings (AGM). Yet very few investors, partially […]

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Mirabaud Lifestyle Impact & Innovation

Mirabaud Asset Management anchors its positioning in Private Equity, and targets luxury companies that are part of the sustainable transformation. With a first thematic fund launched in 2017, dedicated to “Living Heritage Companies” in the luxury and lifestyle sector, closed with EUR 155 million in assets in December 2018, the Swiss group is continuing its […]

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Sustainable Finance: BlackRock sets the cat among the pigeons

The controversy is resuming around the American multinational Blackrock, shareholder of giants oil companies, which last April obtained a contract with the European Commission in order to provide its expertise on environmental, social and governance issues. Let us recall the context in which this contract was concluded: the Commission, wishing to strengthen its strategy in […]


Moody’s Engagement in Climate Change

The rating company, Moody’s, is intending to make a strong step in the climate risk assessment to ease investors’ engagement. With extreme weather occurrences getting more frequent and severe, ignoring climate risks could lead to perilous consequences like a disruption in insurance policies’ cost, capital expenditures, property valuations, turnover, cash flows, profit, or utility costs, […]

Fixed Income Subject to ESG analysis

PRIs emphasize on the importance of ESG engagement for sovereign debt investors. The recent PRI (Principles for Responsible Investment) report supported by the United Nations, calls on sovereign bondholders to engage more on ESG issues. Entitled – ESG engagement for sovereign debt investors – the report highlights the lack of ESG engagement of sovereign bond […]

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GCEL Publication Creates Debate Around TruCost

While a recent analysis of S&P Global TruCost reports that integrating TruCost’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) dataset into a portfolio led to better performance than a non-SDG aligned portfolio, Urgewald and 30 NGOs partners, including Reclaim Finance, publish an update of the Global Coal Exit List (GCEL), the most comprehensive database of companies operating across […]