An interview to former UN Campaign Manager  Enzo di Taranto

On 23 September 2019, world leaders gathered during the United Nations General Assembly in NY to discuss innovative solutions to implement the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Agenda 2030. You are a key player in this space. Can you share with us some of your activities?

Celebrity diplomacy

To contribute to the global debate on the SDGs and Smart Climate Action, I have been promoting a series of events engaging governments, royalties, HNWIs and the entertainment industry through multiple digital platforms like XZEN, IWOW, MBWF and CIRCLE-X.

To reach-out massively, I capitalize on the media power of planetary events, such as: Cannes Film Festival, UN Climate Action Summit, Miami Art Basel, the Oscars, Fashion Weeks, F1 Grand Prix, and Superyacht Shows. During focused MasterMinds, digital campaigns and private meetings, I endeavor to foster smart action to tackle oceans’ cleansing from plastic pollution, and raise awareness regarding the creation of the world’s first Climate Smart Zone.

You are renown for a famous article published by the Florida International University on ”Celebrity-Diplomacy and New Technologies”. Can you explain what these concepts are about?

The engagement of celebrities from the movies, music, sports, fashion and business industries can be used strategically to promote environmental protection globally.

Oscar-winner Leonardo Di Caprio and youth activist Greta Thunberg are just two examples of influential voices in this space. Many other stars have been supporting this cause. For instance, Virgin Founder Richard Branson, 7-time world champion Usain Bolt and music star Sean Paul have joined forces to support the creation of the world’s first Climate Smart Zone in the Caribbean. Their engagement is invaluable.

Celebrity diplomacy

Can you share with our readers recent examples of smart climate action that you have personally promoted?

Yes, During a MasterMind that I organized at the margins of the UN Climate Action Summit in NY (September 2019), I invited on stage emerging celebrities like Jazmin Grace Grimaldi (artist, environmental activist and daughter of Prince Albert of Monaco), and Kiera Chaplin (top model, entrepreneur and granddaughter of Charlie Chaplin) to present their work on electric mobility. Silicon Valley’s innovator Bill Tai also participated to present his “Vision 2030” platform. Furthermore, iconic filmmaker Jean Michel Cousteau presented the movie “Wonders of Sea”, co-produced and narrated by Arnold Schwarzenneger.

During another event I promoted during the Cannes Film Festival (May 2019), the engagement of the Government of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) was instrumental to spread the message on environmental protection across continents and industries. This Public-Private Partnerships amplify impact and will be used more and more in the future.

You are considered a visionary, and also recognized for your awardnovel “World Peace 2050”. How do you see the future of smart climate action?

The next 10 years will be dominated by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the application of new technologies. This will give an incredible impulsion to the generation of renewable energy, waste recycling and creation of smart cities. Commendable are the efforts of Elon Musk to build a zero-carbon oxide emissions tunnel in Los Angeles. Similarly, the Government of Grenada is planning to build an innovative green city in the Caribbean.

However, the constellation of efforts to support smart climate action is still too fragmented, and there is not yet adequate legislation to regulate the use of AI to these industries. While the UN SDGs provide a common operational framework, the use of new technologies can help minimizing duplications and create synergies among different funds, entities and actors. To this end, I am supporting the “Digital Environmental Engagement Platform” (DEEP): a secure web-based ecosystem fostering innovating knowledge-management on key environmental topics, like green and blue economies. This type of inclusive digital environment can also foster youth-engagement and low-cost fundraising mechanisms – like SMS and social media campaigns – that allow rapid crowdfunding for multiple environmental activities. 

In the final analysis, capitalizing on the Celebrity-Diplomacy and new technologies allows to engage rapidly, massively and inexpensively the global public opinion towards smart climate action. I think that there couldn’t be a more noble purpose than this, especially for the next generations.

Celebrity diplomacy

Enzo di Taranto is a world-renowned futurist, strategist, diplomat and manager of innovative programmes and global campaigns. Since 1990, he has performed in leading United Nations positions worldwide.

Enzo di Taranto has been the main speaker in high-level advocacy events in NY, Miami, Washington, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, the Vatican and Cannes. He is author of videos, websites, essays and books on international affairs and human enhancement, including: “World Peace 2050”, “Celebrity-Diplomacy & New Technologies”, and “The Role of the Media in Crisis Situations”, co-authored with the Nobel Gabriel García Marquez. He has partnered with, or been interviewed by, leading global entities, such as: European Union, World Bank, Vatican Radio, Al Jazeera, New York Times and CNN.