When we attend Sir Ritossa’s Global Family Office Investment Summit for the first time in Monaco, it is difficult to imagine what we will find there in terms of the quality of the speakers, the direct approach to other participants and the general atmosphere.

Despite a post-Covid context complicating the access of some eagerly awaited participants, the extremely warm welcome from Sir Ritossa, Vanessa Eriksson and the moderators used to bringing their loyal community together at annual events in Monaco, Dubai and Riyadh, instantly creates a conviviality and a dynamic which very quickly allows new participants to make the first contacts.

The conference opened with a presentation by Justin Highman, CEO of the Monaco Economic Board, and Hervé Ordioni, CEO of Edmond de Rothschild Monaco, and Chairman of AMAF; the latter was able to recall some specificities of the local economy and in particular that the attractiveness of the Monegasque regime is not to apply direct taxes but rather indirect, through a 20% VAT, representing 50% of the income of the ‘State.

The 2-day program was structured around a variety of sessions offered in interactive and short formats that never tire the audience.

-Sessions of groups of leaders, presented in the form of a 30-minute interview, animated by moderators of great professionalism; these exercises have shown how wealthy families are resisting economic and financial crises, deploying long-term investment strategies and appropriate risk management.

– “Round table” formats are intended to deepen your knowledge and discuss current topics in the presence of specialists who have skilfully combined sharing of experience and values, transmission of knowledge, their vision, advice and investment proposals . The topics developed were as broad as they were ambitious:

Investing in digital art

Big Data and AI: Are Machines Better Than Investors?

3-step strategy for investing in cryptocurrency in times of crisis

Industrial applications of autonomous technology for the SmartCity

Exponential growth in media investment

Unicorn : a revolutionary biometric solution.

-And a “club deal” section dedicated to the presentation of startups or entrepreneurial projects in diverse sectors that can be discussed in private. Intense program which, however, gave way to moments of networking.

In short, the summit goes against popular belief, carried by a young generation of men and women – current and future leaders, from around the world. Wealth Manager, Family Office advisor, accomplished entrepreneur or investor coming to the top to deploy capital, all had the same desire to ensure a positive and lasting impact on society through intelligent and responsible investment.

Concepts such as socially responsible investing, philanthropy, succession of capital and values ​​are the main characteristics of families who build their wealth over generations on the basis of strong and lasting common values. But they apply to everyone. As Dana Al Salem, CEO of Merit Capital and co-founder of Yahoo Europe, said, the transmission doesn’t have to be biological. Transmission can be done to humanity.

“Each platform should be created to help as many people as possible. » Doing something that makes sense is the first step in any decision making.

The success of Sir Ritossa’s Global Family Office Investment Summit is certainly to remind everyone of their role and place in society.

Article: Joana Foglia