Dominique Riban, Director of the Monegasque Digital Security Agency (AMSN), has awarded Cristiano Toso, Director of Monaco Vidéo Electrique (MVE), with the qualification diploma of Audit Service Provider of Systems Security. Information (PASSI).

The Monegasque Digital Security Agency (AMSN), created by Sovereign Order on December 23, 2015, is the national authority in charge of the security of information systems. It constitutes a center of expertise, response and processing in security and cyber attacks for the State and the Operators of Vital Importance (OIV).

The Principality, like all states, is a potential target through its image and its displayed positions in the world, but also the financial and economic affairs it generates. Cyber ​​crime, image damage, espionage and sabotage are the four most common cyber attacks.

After almost two years of work, the company Monaco Vidéo Electrique (MVE), thus received the qualification diploma of Information Systems Security Audit Service Provider (PASSI) issued by Dominique Riban, Director of the Monegasque Agency of Digital Security.

This diploma is part of the Principality’s national digital security strategy and brings to 4 the number of Monegasque companies to receive this qualification.

Companies holding this qualification can thus carry out audits of information systems according to a standard and processes controlled by an independent authority, itself certified by COFRAC, making it possible to guarantee the quality, impartiality and efficiency of these jobs.

They can also provide assistance to companies to cope with cyber attacks and help build a safer digital world in the Principality.

For Guillaume Poupard CEO of Anssi – the National Agency for the Security of Information Systems in France – speaker at the opening conference of the Assises de la Sécurité et des Systèmes d’Information 2019, in Monaco

« We had to stir up fear for a long time and it was necessary. Today, the major decision-makers have understood the issues. We have to get closer to those who work, who have jobs other than cyber, and provide them with technological solutions. »

Guillaume Poupard GM Anssi

We must stop creating fear and provide technological solutions, especially in the detection of cyberthreats. Monaco thus continues to develop a stronger image in terms of cybersecurityand digital trust.

Article: Joana Foglia – Sources: Direction de la Communication du Governement Princier de la principauté de Monaco, AMSN, ANSSI