Appointed in 2018 to the princely government, Frédéric Genta (ex-Google and Amazon) is behind the ambitious digital transformation plan Extended Monaco, on which he returns in detail.
Frédéric Genta, Interministerial Delegate in charge of Digital Transition, went into detail on the Extended Monaco plan, during a business breakfast organised on 26 September by JCE Monaco.
Why Extended Monaco?
The first advantage is to use digital technology to transform the Monaco experience in the broadest sense: education, health, safety, smart city (mobility, environment). To offer a quality of life unique in the world and activity for Monegasques and commuters. The second topic is the cycle of economic prosperity. A country like ours has a need to do digital finance, which consumes little space, generates activities and jobs with very high added value. Finally, in terms of image, the Sovereign Prince wants to embody modernity and put each wave of change to the benefit of Monaco. So it was natural that that he launched Extended Monaco.
Extended, as extension?
Yes, this digital transformation must come not only from the government but from all stakeholders. The national council, the town hall, the private sector, our commuters, our residents, the Monegasques abroad, everyone must take ownership of it. Monaco radiates much further than its 2 km2 and this will be even more true once positioned on the map of the digital world. Estonia, Singapore, Dubai or Luxembourg, all these countries have in common to have started in digital thinking that it could be a growth relay. We need to upgrade.
Is the Principality behind?
We have a technological and legal debt of at least ten years. But we’re working on it. There are 170 of us in government on these issues, on the basis that digital is two things: platforms and services. We are present on ioT, the cloud is under construction, connectivity is progressing with 5G, network bases are there and other things are happening, such as electronic signature, with fairly precise dates. The strength of a digital transformation is not excitement, it is consistency. It is an ambitious long-term project. And we intend to do things right.
What about the digitization of the administration?
We need a state that is more agile and works better. When I arrived, 40% of the people in the administration were not or little connected. This year we have multiplied the number of laptops sixfold, more than 4,000 civil servants will be trained digitally and each will have access to an e-learning platform with more than 1,500 courses. Modernization also affects users with an increase in the number of teleservices. Digital technology is only valuable if it solves people’s real problems.
It also energizes the economy…
In Monaco, it is already 826 million euros for 1,200 jobs, a huge added value. 54% of companies in Monaco in digital did not exist five years ago, we are really on an acceleration with some champions. But we must help this place, offer it tools for it to develop. First with laws, such as the one on dematerialization and electronic signature, but also with platforms. We will be working in 2020 on the creation of a sovereign cloud in Monaco, with a Monegasque operator and a global technology leader. The aim: to offer cloud services to the Principality, economic actors, IVOs and the state.
There will also be a fundraising platform to raise funds. A company with a project that suits the Principality could issue crypto-assets, shares, virtual, to finance itself. The objective is a dozen operations of 30 to 50 million euros per year. If you inject 400 million euros into the Monegasque economy every year and create 100 to 150 jobs with the companies that are moving in, it is not neutral.

Free translation from a published article by Pierre-Olivier Burdin – La Tribune Cote d Azur