Headquartered in Monaco, Fraser is the leading yacht brokerage company offering full-services ranging from yacht sales, charter, yacht management, crew and construction, for yachts over 30m.

With a fleet of over 120 yachts under management the company has the world largest yacht selection available for sales.

This week, Fraser has become the first yacht company to sign the National Pact for Energy Transition with the Monaco Government and certainly one of the first of its kind in the world.

The energy transition pact, whose participants include top Monaco-based companies, businesses and banks was created by the government to improve energy efficiency and promote renewable energy sources in the Principality, with the target to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, by allowing residents, workers, businesses, institutions and associations to contribute to the energy transition effort.

The market of financing specialists for yachts and super-yachts – whose size exceeds 40 m – remains in high demand but gathers only very few players. The financing of this asset class is often carried out since the construction stage, and must increasingly meet the requirement of banks in terms of ESG criteria.

This pressure push yachting industry to turn to more sustainable engines, materials, and waste management. Still it takes time and global efforts to lift up luxury experience with low impact on environment.

Therefore, such a commitment from the yachting company Fraser shall be welcome with enthusiasm, as it will certainly be raising awareness within the Monegasque yachting hub, and definitely encourage yachting luxury to surf on the ecological trends.

Fraser investigated in various green initiatives already and renews its commitment to play its part in helping the yachting industry and clients to benefit from a greater variety of alternative choices when deciding how they want to enjoy their yachting experience.

The company partnered with environmental initiatives to contribute to ocean preservation, such as the Plastic Oceans Foundation, an organisation that worked since 2009 to educate people about the dangers of plastic pollution and how to reduce the consumption and usage of it; and CanOWater actively encouraging yachts in the fleet to consider an alternative to plastic water bottles.

“Fraser has always led the way when it comes to protecting the environment, particularly the oceans that are so vital for our life and work. As a team we are committed to encouraging our clients, and our industry, to enjoy the oceans and the wider environment while taking seriously our responsibility to all play our part in protecting it. We are delighted to be the first yachting company to sign this important pact and taking a step further towards a greener planet.”

Fraser CEO Raphael Sauleau

Fraser’s team is also maintaining open dialogue with yachts around the possibility of welcoming scientists on board to collect valuable data, and encouraging Owners to make a conscious effort to engage with the cause.

The company should display in the coming months its energy transition plan including its coming actions and targets.

“We will be rolling out various initiatives over the coming months which we look forward to sharing with our clients, captains and crew”. 

Article: Joana Foglia