The International Capital Market Association (ICMA) and the Luxembourg Stock Exchange (LuxSE) launched the ICMA’s new database dedicated to sustainable bond data.

Established by ICMA and built and fed by the Luxembourg Green Exchange (LGX), LuxSE’s leading platform for sustainable finance, the database provides ICMA members and the wider financial community with important insights into the sustainable bond market. A comprehensive database which includes bonds from over 2,100 issuers and more than 8,700 listed green, social, sustainability and sustainability-linked (GSSS) bonds aligned with ICMA’s Principles, it is openly available to all on ICMA’s website.

“Through the Principles, ICMA provides the global market standard for sustainable bond issuance. The growth potential of the market is huge, and all practitioners need reliable and comprehensive data to effectively track evolving market activity and features. We are delighted to be able to support those needs through this association with LuxSE.”

Bryan Pascoe, CEO of ICMA.

Addressing a growing market need

The availability of structured bond data is of considerable and growing importance for all participants in the global bond markets. ICMA’s new sustainable bond database details the evolution of GSSS bond issuance since 2019, with breakdowns per region, issuer sector, currency and time to maturity for each bond category, as well as an overview of the intended contribution of different categories of GSSS bonds to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, as reflected in the pre-issuance bond documentation.

By providing valuable market insights, the database aims to assist market practitioners to strengthen their knowledge of the sustainable bond market, follow market developments, identify sustainable opportunities and incorporate ESG factors into their decisions.

Unlocking the value of sustainability data

ICMA’s new user-friendly database will facilitate access to reliable and meaningful sustainable bond issuer data and increase transparency around sustainable debt markets. The data included in the database is provided by the LGX DataHub, LuxSE’s proprietary tool providing up to 150 structured and granular sustainability data points on more than 11,000 listed GSSS bonds.

“As a pioneer in the field of sustainable finance and the world’s leading listing venue for sustainable securities, we are grateful for the opportunity to cooperate with ICMA to bring sustainable bond data to international capital markets. This new database will help address the critical need for market insights and play a significant role in advancing the sustainable finance agenda more broadly.”

Julie Becker, CEO of LuxSE.

Since the publication of the Green Bond Principles in 2014, the first of a series of internationally recognised guidelines for sustainable debt issuances that have become the global standard collectively referred to as the “Principles”, ICMA has led industry efforts with a view to advancing the sustainable finance agenda.

Source : ICMA