Headquatered on the Cote d’Azur, Ledgity is a digital solution dedicated to IFAs, and designed to improve wealth management advice. It bridges the gap between blockchain opportunities and traditional finance through a financial services platform built on Cardano. The platform hosts a network of independent financial advisors using Cardano infrastructure for the representation and the exchange of financial assets, whilst integrating access to crypto asset investments.

Ledgity targets to redesign private banking, opening new investment horizons, making it easier for financial advisors and their clients to widen their investment scope and access to digital assets. Indirectly, the startup is also making unlisted assets more accessible and ease blockchain adoption to more users.

Wealth Management in the New Era

The Wealth Management industry is entering a new digital era. Ledgity does not believe in the Robo-Advisory revolution as Financial Advisors bring incredible value to their customers, and their customers in return feel strongly about the capital that is entrusted to them. The intention of Ledgity is to build a platform that empowers Financial Advisors to become proactive and allows customers to benefit from a fully digital experience.

Historically, the Financial Advisory model has been characterized by non-digital sales with slow innovation cycles. The future model will be characterized by simplicity, transparency, and proactivity. The rise of IOT data will change the IFA practice at its core and it will alter the way Advisors interact with their Clients. IFAs will become partly digital and Ledgity is developped to build the digitally integrated ecosystem for IFAs and their customers.

Blockchain and Digital Assets

Blockchain technology is a technology that facilitates the process of recording transactions and tracking assets in an immutable manner. Virtually anything of value can be tracked and traded on a blockchain network! An asset, whether tangible (cash, real estate, car, land) or intangible (IP, patents, trademarks), can run on a blockchain network. In fact, there’s been over 1,500 cryptocurrency platforms and applications built on the blockchain but more than 90% of these projects have lacked real-world use cases.

Ledgity democratizes the Wealth Management industry by making Crypto Assets, Defi Yield Strategies and Tokenized Assets accessible to anyone. It is the first digital infrastructure for private banking that harnesses the benefits of blockchain technology, allowing for the digital representation of assets as well as their exchange.

The protocol is built on the Cardano blockchain and is entirely free for its users. Ledgity will instead charge advisors a membership fee to have access to its platform.

“It’s the first time Wealth Advisors have access to a fully integrated digital tool that covers the entire sales cycle of a financial advisor.”

Morgan Fourdrigniez, COO Ledgity

>$1 million Venture Token Funding, IDO, and Listing

Over the past couple of weeks leading to the IDO, Ledgity garnered interest from over 100 investors and raised an undisclosed amount from key early backers such as Lupa X Capital, Metrix Capital, Magnus Capital, Lan to Capital, DFG Group and Black Dragon. Ledgity announced its successful Dual IDO which occurred on Aug. 23rd, and took place on Occam.Fi and Truspad launchpads. 

Exactly 25,000,000 LTY tokens were sold for a total amount of 29.75 Eth, representing a total of 308 participants on Occam.Fi. What’s more, the IDO was fully subscribed in under 1h30 minutes! On Trustpad, 25,000,000 LTY tokens were sold for a total amount of 100,000 BUSD. The total FCFS allocation made available on Trustpad was completed in a breathtaking 30 seconds!! The listing of the token successfully took place on August 24th -16:10 UTC on Uniswap and the market cap at the TGE is $304 000. As of August 25th, there were over 888 holders, and the daily volume exceeded $470, 000.

“Our Seed and private capital raise were oversubscribed 3x and we received interest from venture capitalists and strategic partners from six different continents. We’d like to thank our international community for supporting the Ledgity vision. Our IDO listing on Uniswap was the first major step towards transforming the Wealth Management industry. We intend to roll out our platform and services to over thousands of clients in France in the coming months and then expand in Monaco and Switzerland shortly afterward.”

Pierre-Yves Dittlot, Founder at Ledgity

LTY Token Listing and Cardano

This ambitious project was made possible in part by introducing the LTY token. In order to increase LTY’s access, the team is currently working on making LTY available on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) through Pancakeswap and Cardano.

Recently Cardano has garnered significant attention from Decentralized Finance (DeFi) enthusiasts; it is an open-source proof of stake blockchain that provides smart contract functionalities. As such, developers can use it to launch decentralized applications such as Ledgity. It’s team is composed of engineers and academics that have published more than 100 scientific papers on the underlying technology and every improvement update of the technology is peer reviewed and stress tested before implementation.

While this means the final product is likely to be more robust than other technologies, it also is the reason why Cardano has taken some time to release its smart contracts. In anticipation of the smart contract release, Cardano’s ADA has been up 1,240% YTD. On September 12th, Cardano finally launched its smart contracts. Cardano’s smart contracts are based on eUTXO model which offers greater security allowing for smart contract execution cost predictability and efficiency. It’s a new era for smart contracts capabilities and Decentralized Applications (DApps).

Source: Ledgity , Wealth Management