Monaco – oftenly described as the Billionaires’ Playground – is rich of expertises in a wide range of industries :

Leader in first class sport events – such as the Grand Prix de Monaco, the AS Monaco – Soccer & Basket; the Tournoi de Mone-Carlo Tennis show, the meeting Herculis that belongs to the Diamond League held in Louis II stadium every summer

The port gathered every September the world greatest superyacht show (MYS) and the city has developed a large panel of exhibition halls for the yearly conferences and events all of kind

The city is also renown for its luxury real estate, its visionary water expansion and highest residential tour in Europe – Tour Odeon

Yearly, outstanding chiefs make Monaco shine with Michelin’s stars;

The opera Garnier dated 1879 and Grimaldi forum welcome productions with most famous and talented artists from all over the world;

Since 2016, thanks to Cecilia Bartoli, the Principality also have the baroque Prince Orchestra on top of the national symphonic orchestra

Giving priority to high level education, Monaco has founded the International University of Monaco in 1986 partner of INSEEC proposing Bachelors, Masters and MBA’s graduations

On less than 3 kilometer’ square, the city counts not less than winter & summer cinema, theaters, museums, including the unavoidable Oceanographic museum, the New Art museum at Villa Paloma & Villa Sauber, the Antropologic museum and the top car collection; one Japanese garden, an exotic garden, and princess Grace’s rose garden.

Monaco recently got involved in a digital transition that will require the totally restruction of its service and a transformation of all  known as the ExtendMonaco project.


Monaco has now started its transformation into a fully integrated Smart City

This national project will require the integration at all levels of the technology.

Wealth Monaco edito technology can be hard to understand
  • Technology is not appealing to many consumers because of a “barbarian” language, some unintelligible applications, and time-consuming learning process.
  • Technology has too many players, and methodologies go too fast, so many consumers do not choose to change.
  • Technology is scary: cyberattack, digital threat, malware, draw a distance line between the consumers and digital

All above statements are just few that explain the gap (or real computer illiteracy) between actual needs, possibilities offered by the technologies, and real appliance of consumers to the digital.

Wealth Monaco has decided to enhance all the players acting in the digital within the Principality. Through their expertise, their vision or their business models, the reader will get acquainted with this technological “poetry” and its rational applications. Wealth Monaco will use outside information and news to propose a bigger picture of the digital revolution occurring worldwide.

Monaco represents a unique ecosystem for companies and entrepreneurs, and our target is to give them the chance to spread their message more widely. We believe that a country gets magnified by its human values. Wealth Monaco has the willingness to become a content platform on which readers can find valuable and stimulating substance to keep innovation alive. 

We have constituted this platform with various sections:

  • Monaco news, includes the Extended Monaco project, the change to a Smart-City, the MonacoTech start-ups incubator, events organized bt the JCEM (Young Economic Chamber of Monaco), and various economic events in the Principality.
  • Financial sector, as a main expertise of Monaco for which the impact of digitalization shall requires an update to worldwide Fintech innovations, Open Banking, instant Payments, Neo Banks, and digital assets class.
  • Legal consultancy, by essence will be broader with the intrusion of technological challenges raising in all industries; RegTech content can increase consciousness around news legal challenges.
  • Luxury, which illustrate Monaco worldwide, is also scaling up into the digital transition; all possible segments of the luxury industry will be covered, such as Real Estate, Yachting, Retail, or Commodities.

We hope that you will enjoy the journey in our columns, and be part of the digital ride together with us

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