Earlier this week, the second round-table was held on the Dubai 2020 Exhibition, the theme of which will be Monaco 360 degrees – a world of opportunity.

Mr Albert Croesi, Managing Director of Monaco Inter Expo (MIE), has presented the Monegasque Pavilion to all partners who will attend the exhibition between October 20th 2020 and April 10th 2021.

The Monaco Pavilion under construction represents a 1770m2 parcel, 300m2 of solar panels that are expected to meet the pavilion’s energy needs and a budget of 9 millions.

Monaco will be one of the 192 countries represented, all of which are hoping for interesting visitor outcomes. To use theCaribeenne study entitled “Universal Exhibitions, a tourist utopia still relevant?”

This touristic travel practice in a large city dates back to the19th century, it accompanies the origins of our modern tourism, while becoming an instrument of geopolitics and tourism marketing of prime importance for the cities and host countries. Exhibits can be seen as an urban lever, but also a means of making our world travel and understand through a system of representation of local and global identities, always offering a showcase of scientific discovery and cultural experience through the national pavilions. These giant events are based on staging and storytelling based on a universal theme that generally questions the concept of sustainable development and the renewed tourist attraction of the destination.

For Monaco, Albert Croesi says that “we are talking about 50,000 visitors expected per week, that is to say 1.250 million expected during the Expo! »

Inspired by the “Rock of Monaco” and reflecting the many facets of the Principality, this polygonal pavilion will take its visitors on a multi-sensory journey thank to exhibition spaces, that highlight the arts, culture, innovations, history and gastronomy in the country.

The Monaco Pavilion will be composed of various stations (Penguins, Digital Transition, Anse du Portier, Explorations, Tropical Corals, Interactive Bench, SMEG, Art and Culture).

Will be present as national digital entities: the Misison for Digital Transition, the Delegation for Digital Transition, as well as the Monegasque Digital Security Agency. The MonacoTech incubator for innovation will be present as well.

All facilities will be interactive with each time, a singular approach. The interfaces are diversified and will offer several forms of engagement.

It also hold in house a temporary exhibition space open to public and private companies. “This space has been designed to allow them to introduce themselves to thousands of visitors.”

Monaco has dedicated a site to the 2020 exhibition that reflects the evolution of the preparation for the event, on which it is also possible to register in order to receive in an interactive way the photos of the current project.