Tell us more about MONACO FOUNDRY’ achievements in 2021?

MONACO FOUNDRY further defined its core mission and ethos. We are a creative brain trust of leaders and industry experts across the world, with a powerful ethos around kindness and doing what is right. We share the common goal of increasing the success rate for early-stage companies with innovation that can positively impact the lives of people and our planet.

We form a protective circle around our start-ups and only seek to accelerate founders and companies who demonstrate diversity, kindness, generosity of spirit and virtue, because this is what the world needs and the real secret behind how start-ups generate true impact and success.

We provide hands-on business development support and access to a team of serial entrepreneurs, former senior government advisors, Fortune 500 executives and venture capitalists through a unique equity for service model. 

Today, Monaco Foundry has a portfolio of 16 companies all over the world including 4 Monaco-based companies.

2021 was also the year of consolidation and partnerships for MF, right?

Indeed. In March we announced that a historic Monegasque family with their fund 4Stars managed by PLEION (Monaco) SAM – Wealth M and now world-renowned visionary, billionaire, entrepreneur and investor, Jim Mellon, both investing in the MONACO FOUNDRY.

This year an impressive group of Senior Partners joined MONACO FOUNDRY to help push forward our mission to make a positive impact on the world and help our startups grow and scale their businesses.

  • A former economic advisor to the President of the United States.
  • A former minister for digital and later for Health of the United Kingdom.
  • The lead for Waymo driverless cars at Google X.
  • The founding board member of Cambridge Quantum computing.
  • Former MD and Vice Chairman of UBS.
  • The former Dean of New York Medical College.
  • The founder of the British American Racing Team and former manager of a F1 world champion.
  • The former head of acquisitions at Microsoft reporting to Bill Gates.
  • The former CFO of Sanofi.

We have partnered with 6 new fantastic startups, totalling our portfolio to 16. They specialise in everything from muscle recovery solutions, concussion prevention, digital diabetes reversal, anti-counterfeiting nanotechnology, clean water technology, to new VR economies.

Our startups reached new milestones and had great successes:

  • Spectre Biotech, the French company behind the revolutionary technology that has invented cerebral preparation and can diagnose concussions in just FOUR minutes has signed with FFSA (French Federation of Automotive Sport) and EPNAK France-wide +50 rehabilitation centers
  • 4Bases SA developing the world first genetic testing for predispositions for COVID-19.
  • Appetizr launching with Giraudi in two of their restaurants Pizz’aria and Grubers.
  • BioSapient restoring personal control and monetizing your health data.
  • Manila Di Giovanni, Founder and CEO of DWorld VR, was awarded the prize for this year’s Top Youngest Italian Entrepreneur by the Association of Italian Entrepreneurs of Monaco

We forged valuable partnerships that support our startups. Our alliance with KPMG gives our portfolio firms access to global accounting services.

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion. 60% of our portfolio companies have either a female founder or co-founder; our goal is more. Our Chairman is also female.

We have established a Young Leaders Board where young entrepreneurs can come together to develop and scale their ideas. Too often, young adults get easily discouraged and overwhelmed with the idea of pitching a new idea to those that might be able to help them.

What’s next for MONACO FOUNDRY….

Monaco Foundry will keep accelerating the growth of its portfolio companies thanks to Jim Mellon’s investment and strengthen our unique premium business development services to early-stage companies.

In Q1 2022, we will also be launching a massive project to disrupt and democratise the way startups get funded. Today, most economic growth comes from startups but the current model is completely outdated, inefficient and biased (only 0.05% of startups raise VC money). Think about the impact on countries’ GDPs if we could increase the success rate of new companies.

Source: Monaco Foundry