LUDI Therapeutics, Monaco’s first women led drug discovery biotech company has secured early-stage funding making it a game changer in the sports industry.

LUDI Therapeutics is a regenerative medicine biotech company based in Monaco dedicated to developing treatments for sports injuries. The startup has just secured seed investment from Sport Horizon Holding to tackle muscle injuries.

Sport Horizon Holding is an innovative hub investing in the most promising and visionary startups that will make a profound and sustainable impact in the sport industry.

Muscle injuries are extremely frequent in both sport and at work (> 60 million muscle injuries per year worldwide require medical intervention). The treatment of muscle injuries is a real challenge with long-term deficits in muscle structure and strength remaining an unmet clinical need.

For its CEO, Cindy Benod “LUDI Therapeutics’ mission is to develop cutting-edge science-based treatments for muscle injuries. Our first-in-class therapeutics will enhance the natural healing process after muscle injury and avoid long term complications responsible for recurrence of such injuries.”

“We are convinced that regenerative medicine will provide the treatments of tomorrow that will allow EVERYONE to practice sports and engage in physical exercise at all stages of their life.”

Guillaume Poncet-Montange, Co-Founder and scientific advisor of LUDI Therapeutics

LUDI Therapeutics is still in the research phase, but the partnership with Sport Horizon Holding will allow the startup to moving their research efforts forwards to create the solutions needed to solve muscle injuries. Having access to key sport stakeholders is a true testament to the continued need for innovation in muscle injury treatment.

“During my career, I witnessed first-hand the impact of muscle injuries on an athlete’s career and how muscle injuries hurt sport institutions. The approach taken by LUDI Therapeutics is truly innovative and could be a game changer in our industry.”

Romy Gai – Chairman of AWE Sport International Group and former Chief Revenue Officer and Marketing Director of the Juventus Football Club

Russell Steves – Physical Therapist, LUDI Therapeutics Medical Advisor and former Head Athletic Trainer the New York Red Bulls said, “Muscle injuries continue to confound us in professional sports medicine.  They result in millions of dollars lost in player availability in addition to tremendous frustration by all parties.  This is prompting a major overhaul in how we think about muscle injuries as well as how we treat and prevent them.  Our current methods need improvement.  Innovations are coming which make LUDI Therapeutics’ effort to find novel solutions very exciting.”

Paolo Zaglia – International Private Client Advisor / President of Sport Horizon Holding’s Investment Committee: When we first learnt about LUDI Therapeutics’ vision and purpose, the whole committee was immediately able to relate to the dream scenario where this therapy was already available, benefitting millions of sport practitioners. Supporting this early stage of research for such a visionary solution to sport muscle injury is a very good example of the projects we like to back for their potential global impact on the life of many.

“LUDI represents the first investment for us, and therefore the official starting point of our investment cycle. We believe the company will outperform the sector comparables thanks to its team and groundbreaking innovation.”

Dario Montagnese – Managing General partner of Sport Horizon Holding

LUDI Therapeutic which belongs to the global venture accelerator Monaco Foundry, will continue its research and developments, while seeking to attract more HNWI and VC’ interests.

“We are delighted to team up and have the support and funding of the forward-thinking minds of Sport Horizon Holding to join LUDI at this exciting time in our early research and development efforts of transformative muscle injury solutions. We see the involvement of the sports community as a key to our success, and this is a magnificent first step to make significant changes in the world of sport medicine.”

Juli Ferré Nadal, Managing Director of LUDI Therapeutics and former Head of Global Sponsorship for FC Barcelona

Article: Joana Foglia