The Principality of Monaco will use the technology provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS) to better serve its citizens and grow its economy. Monaco has taken another important step in its dynamic strategy to be a leading digital player thanks to “Extended Monaco“, a program launched by Prince Albert II last April.

The Prince’s government has commissioned the service provider Amazon Web Services to install a hybrid cloud in the Principality. The cloud will make it possible to implement and accelerate public initiatives such as e-government, mobility, education and healthcare.

The cloud will, for example, be the basis of smart-city services for better mobility management in Monaco. It will also be an element of economic attractiveness by offering players in the Principality access to the most advanced digital solutions while reducing IT costs and increasing infrastructure security.

In 2021, Monaco Cloud will become one of the essential bricks of the Monegasque digital ecosystem.

“Based on sector-leading Amazon Web Services (AWS) technology, the Monegasque sovereign cloud will serve as the basis for the development and creation of new digital services in the Principality, including those related to the smart city, e-health, e-education and e-government. When, in the not too distant future, artificial intelligence becomes central to our economy, we will enjoy the benefits thanks to the cloud’s processing power and storage capacity.”

Frédéric Genta, interministerial delegate in charge of digital transition.

With a 100% Monegasque shareholding – i.e. the State as the majority shareholder and Monaco Digital as the industrial shareholder partner -, Monaco Cloud will make it possible to store state data as well as that of private actors in the Principality.

Source: Extended Monaco; Amazon Web Services