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Monaco : Zero single-use plastic waste policies

New regulatory measures are emerging in the Principality which are part of a zero single-use plastic waste approach by 2030.

The Principality, under the leadership of His Serene Highness the Sovereign Prince, has embarked on a process of reducing its waste and is aiming for “Zero single-use plastic waste by 2030“. A policy implemented in 2016, with the ban on single-use plastic bags, reinforced in 2019, by the elimination of plastic straws and stirrers, and in 2020, by that of plastic cups, cutlery and plates for use unique. The releases of balloons and lanterns were also banned in March 2020. Intended for recreation and celebration, they are responsible for a large amount of marine litter and sources of danger to marine life.

New measures and prohibitions, detailed in two regulatory texts published on May 7, 2021 in the Official Journal of Monaco, reinforce this system. Some take effect on June 1, while others are spread in time.

They target plastic products that generate waste that is particularly present in nature, especially at sea, and that can easily be replaced by more ecological solutions. These texts also aim to encourage a sustainable behavior.

To achieve “zero plastic waste in 2030”, it is essential to count on the mobilization of everyone and on the support of an increasingly dense network, of individuals but also of shops and restaurants united under the same acronym of the commitment.

Source: Communication Department of the Princely Government of the Principality of Monaco

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