The Principality of Monaco has initiated one of the most important evolution of its history: the digital transition. What is it about exactly? How is it going to be carried out? What are the first achievements? Few answers.

The Principality’s digital transition is based on two imperatives: first, the use of digital technology in the development of what makes Monaco an exceptional country. Safety, education, health or quality of life are indeed Monegasque characteristics that the digital can push up. Thus, thanks to the introduction of technology, the Monegasque, like the resident or the worker, will be able to benefit from a Principality more accessible and more suited to its particular needs.

As the second imperative, it meant to enable Monaco to seize new opportunities and its place on the world stage.

“It’s will bring Monaco’s excellence to light in the digital world, to make our country as efficient and attractive in terms of digital technology as it does today in the fields of luxury, finance or ecology,” says Frédéric Genta, Interministerial Delegate in charge of Digital Transition ExtendedMonaco.

Budgetary effort of 45 million euros

In 2020, the principality will continue to catch up in the deployment of a digital economy as well as a digital administration. To achieve it, a budget of almost 45 million euros has been secured to facilitate people’s daily lives and get prepared for tomorrow employment. If the implementation of the electronic pay slip has been effective since the 1stJanuary 2020, “more than 33 of the administrative procedures will be dematerialized in 2020 promised the Minister of State, on the occasion of the press communication given at the end of January: “We’re going to go further and change people’s lives in health, education or administration.». Dematerialization is expected to save nearly 1.4 tonnes of paper, according to government estimates.

In terms of e-education, students between the ages of 3 and 18 enrolled in the Principality benefited from one hour of computer programming (“coding”) since the beginning of 2019. Launched in November 2019, CAESO(Coach for Higher Education and Orientation) is a mobile app that allows Monaco high school students to receive professional guidance through personalized digital coaching.

Students can discover up to 850 professions and 100,000 different trainings. The coach is able to give a real action plan to the student; the app continues to grow and is enriched with new features.

“The aim of this scheme is to make the student more involved in his or her orientation and to strengthen his or her self-confidence.”

Nicolas Rodier – Technical Advisor to the Directorate of National Education, Youth and Sports

Students are even offered classroom training workshops to accompany the handling and use of CAESO.

By 2022, platforms will also create links between teachers, students and parents. An enrichment of the contents and the dematerialization of certain manuals is also on the agenda. The revolution is underway

Article Sandra Bensoussan