Screening ESG ETFs with a most in-depth investing tool to date on sustainable investing developed with the support of Amundi ETF.

Alongside Amundi ETF, Trackinsigh is launching a new updated version of their ESG investing portal, designed around a set of tools dedicated to all ETF investors who put Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) at the forefront of their investing strategy.

“ESG investing is an investment philosophy centered around supporting companies that can provide a better future for people and our planet. ESG principles promote more environmentally friendly investing, support the companies with strong governance and eschew those who do not facilitate social change.”


With this new platform, investors can stay updated and find in a few clicks the best-fitting ESG ETFs according to their ESG scores, strategies, SFDR rates, or even their alignment to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

    •    in close collaboration with Conser, a Swiss based advisory firm, 100% dedicated to sustainable investing, Trackinsight has developped a consensus-driven methodology based on ETF holdings. This methodology offers an indepth insight into the ESG consensus on firms to which ETFs are exposed, as well as major controversies and breaches of international norms. More than 4,000 ETFs listed in Europe, North America and Asia have been analyzed following a quantitative approach based on holdings to calculate the ESG scores.

    •   in partnership with the United Nations, Trackinsight mapped ESG ETFs with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals based on their investment strategies to align investment with global ESG themes.

most popular SDGs in ETFs

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“I am thrilled the Trackinsight team invested significant effort in further improving the user experience and making this portal a global reference for ETF investors seeking transparency on the ESG impact of their investments. We are capitalizing on the successes of our Thematic and Fixed Income channels and have committed to staying tuned to what users tell us about their experience navigating the ETF universe. I would like to specifically thank our strategic partner Amundi, who has been supporting this initiative since day one allowing us to offer features that empower global investors on all ESG ETFs listed across the world”

Jean-René Giraud, Founding CEO of the Trackinsight Group

Source: Trackinsight