Nomura Securities Co., Ltd – subsidiary of Nomura Holdings, Inc. -announced that it has priced a three-year Green Bond issue valued at 40 billion yen for NTT Finance Corporation.

Nomura acted as bookrunner and green bond structuring agent for the offering, which was the first such offering for the company. The NTT Group CSR Charter sets out the key principles that drive NTT Group’s CSR initiatives and underpin its commitment to building a sustainable society.

Guided by these principles, NTT Group is working to resolve social challenges through its business activities and create a safe and
secure environment where people interact positively with society and nature.

A key focus for the group is protecting the environment through ongoing initiatives. In keeping with this commitment, NTT Group has developed the NTT Group Green Bond Framework with Nomura’s support.

The proceeds from the offering will be used to invest in the development of green buildings by NTT Urban Development, one of the green projects included in the NTT Group Green Bond Framework, as well as to refinance existing investments.

The Nomura Group ESG Statement was published in January last year. The purpose of this statement is to further promote the realization of a sustainable environment and society by informing stakeholders about the firm’s approach to ESG-related activities and its envisaged response to environmental and social risks.

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) have gained widespread recognition in recent years. As part of this, green bonds aimed at addressing environmental issues, social bonds that target social outcomes, and sustainability bonds used for both social and green projects have been
attracting attention globally.

By underwriting these types of bonds, Nomura aims to support the growth of the SDG bond market in Japan, and serve as a bridge between investors who want to contribute to society and projects with capital needs that aim to resolve social issues such as climate change.

Nomura will also work to contribute to economic and sustainable social development and promote initiatives to achieve the SDGs.