The European magazine, in a syndicated media agreement with the Thomson Reuters Group,hold the annual « European Global Banking & Finance Awards » where they honor financial institutions in different categories. The European recognizes organizations and individuals that stand out from the crowd and are consequently moving their industries forward. Good governance, capacity to innovate, know-how and quality of service are all major considerations. Their award programs are in fact tailored to provide a comprehensive analysis of the very best in all major market sectors globally.

All companies are nominated through an online voting system and later assessed by the judging panel, which has extensive experience across a range of sectors and is being supported by a highly dedicated research team.  

Mag. Dr. Markus Schuller, MBA, MScFE / Founder & Managing Partner:

“We are particularly proud and delighted to have been granted this award as applied behavioral finance specialist. Today we are being recognized for having diligently, persistently and relentlessly worked on our effective intervention framework to empower professional investors in and around Europe. 

Our academic and commercial success has proven our framework to significantly improve the investment decision quality of our customers. Over the years, a diverse range of asset managers and asset owners across different cultures, sizes and levels of sophistication trusted our service. Clients of our coaching, consulting and Behavior-tech solutions aggregate to more than EUR 100 billion in Assets under Consultancy since inception.

The first years of Panthera were mostly spent as a think tank, translating latest insights of a range of behavioral and financial research realms into a proprietary intervention framework that effectively facilitates directed change. Calling those years challenging would mean to use a euphemism, as back then investment professionals were even less considerate about their own decision quality than today. Buzzwords in finance like change management, digitization, agile organizations or artificial intelligence are popular and easily cited. Addressing them as professional investor requires more than lip-service, fee reduction or me-too products, it demands innovative specialization. This form of directed change is effortful but marks the most effective way to stay competitive. 

It boils down to one question: does one want to become a better professional investor? We are the litmus test whether this is true. If so, we act like a personal fitness coach to make it happen. 

I want to congratulate our Panthera team of exceptional personalities to be a well-deserved pillar of this achievement. Being now best in class reaffirms our efforts to leave our visible mark in this young domain of applied behavioral finance.

We are proud to be the only second financial institution in the Principality of Monaco that won a category at the European Global Banking & Finance Awards, after the renowned Compagnie Monégasque de Banque (CMB).”

Biljana Kling, MBA, MSc CRSG / Managing Partner
“I am delighted that Panthera has been recognized in this way. We pride ourselves on the concrete contributions we have made to our clients’ activities and to the growth of the applied behavioral finance sector as a whole. I join Mr. Schuller in congratulating the Panthera team and look forward to an exciting future helping our clients become better and more value-creating professional investors.”

Source Panthera