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Partnership agreement between the CSM and Chanel

The Monaco Scientific Center and CHANEL have signed a partnership agreement on the
creation of a Research Unit on the Biology of Precious Corals. The aim is to develop
basic research programs to better understand certain key processes in the life of the
red coral in order to protect this specie.

Concerned about the protection of the oceans, CHANEL Joaillerie is committed to the preservation of the Mediterranean red coral
used in jewelry and is partnering with the Scientific Center of Monaco to create
the Precious Coral Biology Research Unit. Therefore CHANEL wishes to carry out
initiatives in line with its universe with the aim of helping sustainable development and
the protection of the environment.

The Mediterranean red coral is an emblematic material of jewelry, used in this field.
since Antiquity. It differs from tropical corals by its characteristic red color and a
very slow growth, which gives it all its preciousness.

Long exploited, red coral is today a Mediterranean natural treasure that must be protected.
This scientific partnership between the CSM and CHANEL is therefore part of this approach.
Launched in 2019, for a period of 6 years, this scientific program aims to better understand the
mechanisms of growth and color of Mediterranean red coral and to study innovative solutions
to help the conservation of this species. Results of this research will be
available to all interested stakeholders through publications.

While the species itself does not appear to be in danger of extinction,
stocks have been overexploited, which requires controlling fishing, since its growth is slow (1-3 mm per year). In order to remedy the rarefaction of this resource, it is therefore urgent to develop new management methods and /
or alternatives allowing the jewelry industry to use red coral without tapping into natural stocks.
Unfortunately, scientific knowledge on the biology of precious corals in general,
and of the red coral in particular, still remain limited.

It is in this perspective that
the agreement signed on September 27, 2019 between the Maison Chanel and the Scientific Center of Monaco,
thus creating the Research Unit on the Biology of Precious Corals.

Article: Communication Department of the Princely Government of the Principality of Monaco

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