This Friday 24th January was the occasion for the Young Economic Chamber of Monaco (JCEM) to pass the Presidency, between Alexandre Maniloff, and Marion Soler.

Every year, JCEM appoints a new President. Last year, its President, Alexandre Maniloff was a man of communication. This year, Marion Soler is a woman of Law.

Training Marion will have to lead her dual position as Managing Director of Actis, for which she was recently appointed in 2019, and President of the JCEM for the year 2020.

“Moving from legal officer to the general management of a group like Actis requires jurisdiction; it’s a good vehicle for developing personally and professionally,” admits Marion.

Lunch begins by presenting his vows; it follows on its desire to give to JCEM an economic dominance in order to integrate the Chamber into the dynamism of the Monegasque ecosystem. And recalls that the JCEM strives to contribute – at its level – to the Principality’s influence by acting through local actions carried out in association with institutional organisations, that together carry the values of the country.

Marion has integrated JCEM in 2016 with the support of Thierry Lerray – MD of Telis -who allowed her to step into the adventure.

She mentions to us that incoming members are categorized in the first years as candidates; and then the evolution within the JCEM is based on their level of commitment.

The candidate access then at the level of JCEM membership.

Her progressive commitment within the Chamber has generated an ambition to gain access to the Presidency.

“In sport you want to win, when you invest in a cause you naturally want to evolve and take up the new challenge.”

The trigger for this 29-year-old lady was to make sure to get full “support from her company member’s. There’s a reality in the position of president. It is necessary to adapt one’s agenda to the protocol in showing rigorous organization skills and autonomy in work.”

The program of her mandate:

This year many actions will be carried out simultaneously by the active members of the JCEM across three poles: Entrepreneurship, Networking and Training.

The Networking axis comes in the form of conference breakfasts, dealing with topics in line with the current Monegasque news.

Entrepreneurship’s actions stand out on several levels, including a 54-hour start-up marathon weekend, the Entrepreneurship Creation Contest,a collaborative project between professional mentors and high school students – Seed of Entrepreneurs, a pitching battle – GetInTheRing, all crowned at the Entrepreneurship Awards.

-The startup weekend will take place this year over 3 days in April; registration for this event is accessible to all, with no age limit nor nationality. Its mission is to put the launcher of a strong startup project directly in front of an audience of experts, who will help to shape the project in a viable outcome. It is now possible to register for this event at an Early Bird rate (until 31 January) for an amount of 80 euros. Registration will be closed on April 20th.

-Seeds of entrepreneurship is a completely different application of entrepreneurship, which consists of planting the seed of entrepreneurship in Monegasque high schools (Albert II, FANB and Hotel High School)

This concept will be presented in Japan at the upcoming JCEM World Congress taking place in Yokohama.

“Monaco is becoming a land of entrepreneurship”

-GetInTheRing won by Alexis Giannotti in 2019 for his Clean FashionTechproject, named after its creator, GIANNOTTI, will be the candidate representing the Principality in the International Pitch competition in Montreal.

The third pole of Training run through creative training cycles scheduled in after hours.

Training extends also at roundtables and conferences; JCEM will continue its cycles mixing members and the public to share the experience of entrepreneurship with different stages of its existence and inspire a new perspective on those who are embarking on company creation.


How are the JCE structured?

Totally there are about 200,000 members, including 110 national JCEs and 6,000 local JCE in each country

The JCEM comprised about 100 members, the majority of whom are salaried at an executive level ; the other category being entrepreneurs in Monaco. This entity is tween with the city of Sion in Switzerland, and South Africa.

On this subject, Marion has a project close to her heart

“I wishes to reinforce this sense of belonging among JCEM members.” This is Marion’s ambition, which envisages through team building, training, management and personal development, to exchange expertises of the Young Chamber of Monaco with the other JCE of Switzerland and France.

“I want to strengthen ties and give everyone the desire to carry the values of our organization.”

During the year Presidents attend several meetings that promote strengthening values of these JCEs.

It’s starting with the EPM, the first meeting of the year, bringing together the national chambers, durig which the presidents lay the foundations for stratgeic development to come.

This meeting takes place every four years and be this year in Moldova.

Then, the Dublin conference in May 2020 allow presidents to take adequate decisions at the level of the different poles.

Finally, the JCE World Congress, scheduled for this year in Yokohama, is an opportunity for presidents to harmonize the organization globally.

This year, Kevin Hein, former Vice-President in 2016, and Executive Vice-President in 2018 of the JCEM, was appointed Secretary General of the Young International Chamber (JCI).

Very committed to the JCE values, Kevin wants to continue his commitment at the international level.

Monaco Entrepreneurship Trophies

At the level of financial partnerships, JCEM is supported by a global partner, embodied in the company Telis, whose Founder and Director, Mr Thierry Leray, committed until 2021.

Athos Partner, secures the partnership of the Entrepreneurship Trophies

And society Studio Gentile in Monaco is the sponsor of the training division.

The Networking Poles and Entrepreneurship one, are still available and accessible for 5,000Euro and 10,000Euro. The number of sponsors is limited as the JCEM wish not to confuse media messages with an accumulation of sponsors.

During the celebration of the Entrepreneurship Trophies held at the end of the year, best candidates in each category get awarded by associate partners.

“The Entrepreneurship Trophies are truly the highlight of our year-round work.”

A busy agenda for JCEM members and its President; a challenge for each of them, members as candidates; undoubtedly a common passion, entrepreneurship; and everyone’s desire to contribute to the Principality’s influence”

Article Joana Foglia