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Deutsche bank is releasing a report IMAGINE 2030 giving new possible perspectives on crypto and announce the end of fiat currencies. It is anticipated that investors will diversify more their portfolio with crypto assets and safe heaven commodities.

38% of Asset Managers with State Street Plan to Invest in Crypto Next Year according to a survey of State Street’s asset managers conducted by Oxford Economics. Of which approximately 94% of State Street’s clients already hold digital assets and related products.

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IBM last report on Blockchain Market Shares, Market Strategies, and Market Forecasts for 2018 to 2024  indicates that Blockchain Markets Headed to $60 Billion Worldwide by 2024.

Blockchain development is closely bound to Artificial Intelligent.

Baidu, Inc. (NASDAQ:BIDU) leads the market with a total of 5,712 AI-related patent applications as of October 2019, ranking No.1 in China for the second consecutive year. Baidu has filed the most AI-related patent applications in China :”Baidu retained the top spot for AI patent applications in China because of our continuous research and investment in developing AI, as well as our strategic focus on patents,” said Victor Liang, Vice President and General Counsel of Baidu.

“In the future, we will continue to increase our investments into securing AI patents, especially for high-value and high-quality patents, to provide a solid foundation for Baidu’s AI business and for our development of world-leading technology,” he said. 

BIDU stock though is still low, with slight recovery, below expectations.

With 10 % worldwide capitalization in stock market, China remains the 2nd biggest financial market, and therefore, an interesting market to invest in.

AI and Cloud for state security wih Amazon Web services & Datametrex

Amazon Web Services generated more than two-thirds of the company’s operating income last quarter.

End of the week Jeff Bezos announced that Amazon would support the U.S. Department of Defense as technology companies vie for more defense contracts and the Pentagon seeks to modernize itself.

“My view is that if big tech is turning their back on the Department of Defense, this country is in big trouble,” Bezos said. Amazon had competed to provide cloud computing capabilities to the Pentagon.

But last month the company filed a lawsuit in federal court contesting the Defense Department’s September decision to award a cloud computing contract worth up to $10 billion to rival bidder Microsoft Corp.

Amazon had been considered a favorite for the Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure Cloud (JEDI) contract, part of a broader digital modernization project at the Pentagon, before software developer Microsoft emerged as the surprise winner.

Jeff Bezos has warned American military leaders that the US risks losing its superiority in technologies that have been key to its national security. Speaking at the Reagan National Defense Forum, an annual gathering of US military leaders and defence contractors, the Amazon chief executive officer suggested that China’s attempt to steal an edge in important technologies represented a new type of threat to US military supremacy, which has been based for decades on a clear technological superiority.

Bezos, is a famous outspoken critic of U.S. President Donald Trump.

The greatest recovery this week on our blockchain stock is DTMXF

Datametrex AI Ltd, formerly Everfront Ventures Corp, is a Canada-based company that is engaged in Big Data and Artificial Intelligence(AI) to collect and sale of data from retail Point of Sale (POS) terminals and provides AI solutions for governments and corporations globally.

With a Market Capitalization of 4.743M “in Q3 2019, the Company achieved key milestones and made significant strides in strengthening its AI platform and offering

Datametrex AI Ltd. has also been awarded $945K from the federal government’s Department of National Defence (DND) to continue the company’s development of its social media discovery and monitoring platform.

Funding comes from the DND’s Innovation for Defence Excellence and Security (IDEaS), a federal procurement program that supports the development of defence and security capabilities.

Further commenting on the Q3 2019 results, Jeff Stevens, President of the Company stated “Datametrex was recently featured on CTV for its latest findings. The company’s proven technology sees tremendous opportunity across the North American and Asian markets where it is gaining wide acclaim. These markets have the potential to drive strong revenue across a variety of multinationals.”

“We are pleased with the improvements year over year and remain committed to increasing sales. Reducing costs and streamlining operations will position the Company for continued growth. The article published by Nicole Bogart of CTV further validates and substantiates our technology in the cyber security sector,” says Marshall Gunter, CEO of the Company.

Nexalogy will work with the federal government to build the advanced monitoring tools, which will be first utilized by the military, and then applied to corporate environments.

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