Blockchain in Payments: from Adoption to Growth

The third annual “Blockchain in Payments” report issued by Ripple is a comprehensive look into the fintech industry and blockchain’s increasing role in payments. Ripple’s report uncovered that not only is growth indeed possible for blockchain and digital assets initiatives, but that familiarity and positive sentiment continue to rise and that blockchain adoption is key […]

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Ripple use CAEs for its green Blockchain

While Facebook and Google have independently announced that they will be carbon neutral companies by 2030, joining the race that competitors such as Apple and Microsoft have already started, it was the turn of Ripple to decarbonize the XRP Ledger. This marks the first ever widespread decarbonization of a public blockchain, addressing a significant environmental […]

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2020 the year of the Digital Assets

While 2019 is fading away, we are all starting to see speculations of what 2020 will bring in terms of Digital transformation. We would like to share Ripple team vision of the adoption of Digital assets by institutions. Their report indicates that for digital assets and associated applications to have long-term staying power, institutional players […]