While the World Economic Forum already alerts on the danger of the non-recycle wind farm blades (43 million tonnes by 2050), the tidal energy solution appears today in the sustainable energy landscape as a clean and predictable energy source.

TechnipFMC (NYSE/PARIS: FTI) the leading technology provider to the traditional and new energy industries, signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Orbital Marine Power (Orbital), a pioneer of tidal energy technology, to jointly collaborate in tidal energy to accelerate the global commercialization of Orbital’s technology and deliver the first commercial scale floating tidal field.

Most powerful floating turbine in the world to date

Scotland-based Orbital has developed innovative floating tidal energy technology capable of cost-effectively harnessing predictable, clean energy from flowing currents. Because of its predictability, tidal energy offers a reliable and consistent form of renewable energy. Tidal energy has the ability to make a cost-effective contribution to net zero transitions around the world at a utility scale.

The company recently completed the construction and installation of the world’s most powerful tidal stream turbine, the O2, in the waters off the Orkney Islands, Scotland. It has been exporting low carbon electricity to the UK grid since July 2021.

The companies will now work together to accelerate the market scale-up and deployment of Orbital enabling technology in tidal energy projects. As a growing renewable business, Orbital is uniquely placed to unlock an entirely new part of the floating offshore energy sector, complimenting global net zero transition targets. Its proven low-cost construction and maintenance model and rapid installation processes will be key to that growth.

Luana Duffé, Executive Vice President, New Energy Ventures at TechnipFMC

“By combining our system integration capabilities with their technical expertise and differentiated turbine technology, we will scale-up our combined offering to deliver more renewable energy to the market.”

Andrew Scott, Chief Executive Officer, Orbital

“This TechnipFMC investment is a major endorsement of the tidal energy solution we have developed at Orbital Marine Power.

Working with this leading offshore energy sector integrator will accelerate global adoption of our innovative technology and support the commercial roll out of our unique vision for tidal energy.”

There is currently one gigawatt of consented tidal sites in the United Kingdom and one major site in France, still active since the inauguration of President Charles de Gaulle in 1966, the Rance tidal power plant.

Source: TechnipFMC Partners, Orbital – Tidal Energy Technology