The Department of Labour expands its e-Services and simplifies the declarative procedures of employers in the Principality

Committed to an ambitious digital transition programme called Extended Monaco, the Monegasque Administration wants to accelerate the development of the e-Administration by increasing the number of steps that users can take online. The administration is thus reforming its way of relations with employers, employees and job seekers in the Principality.

Building on this commitment, the Department of Social Affairs and Health and the Directorate of Labour, in collaboration with the Directorate of Digital Administration, have decided to offer, as of mid-December 2019, 6 new teleservices for Monegasque employers in order to facilitate their administrative procedures. Other teleservices for job seekers are being developed.

This approach also allows civil servants and state agents who manage employers’ requests to have a more effective management tool.

The Directorate of Labour offers employers to simplify their lives with just a few clicks. Since mid-December 2019 it has opened 6 new teleservices to Monegasque employers that allow the following applications to be made online:

  • Hiring house staff
  • Detach an employee in Monaco for less than 3 months;
  • Request a work exemption for statutory holidays
  • Request a derogation from working hours
  • Request a derogation from the daily rest time granted to women employees;
  • Request a waiver from the night work of employed women.

Thanks to these teleservices, employers in the Principality will be able to carry out all these steps online, with a single user account. The objectives are:

  • Making it easier: No need to print, send or file paper files;
  • Improve the visibility of request processing through online notifications and follow-up of requests;
  • Reduce the time it takes for officers to process applications
  • Reduce paper use and travel.

Some Figures:

For internship declarations, the teleservice is already very successful:

Created in November 2018, more than 1,905 applications have been processed.

1,496 applications were filed by employers directly online.

That’s nearly 79 fully dematerialized declarations.

Article/Source: Press release from the Prince’s Government of Monaco