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Blockchain Technology: The Empire Strikes Back

On the rise of blockchain, ESG and SDG-driven trends, gender lens Venture, and other serious ROI generators thought abscon 2 years ago.

Mathematics is not a closed or bounded system, contrary to non-academics and others whose voices sing loudest in protest when least believably relevant to self-proclaimed credentialing. Mathematics is far more interesting in reality. It opens up at every iteration within human progress, and manifests new potentialities at every step made by those harnessing the powerful – and infinite – universe of imagination.

Understanding reality, regardless of parameters taken as given by the zombified masses, requires dimensionality. The inevitable conclusion: machines based on mathematical logic cannot exhaust the human domain; they can only expand it.

Every new mechanism expands the human mind for new creative adventures and audacious achievements. Expectations of human sacrifices to the Moloch of machinery are at odds with nature, ergo truth such as relevant for any calculus of reality (such as we understand it for our purposes here).

Blockchains, hashchains, block stacks, smart contracts, token issues, and cryptocurrencies are new ways to address the evils pre-existing – and perpetuating – through a quietly undisputed self-reification from which consent depends upon the blind laziness of the shuffling masses further moulded into hardened immunity to independent reasoning by the beneficiary system (leadership of which was not – at least, wittingly – elected, something which should be of consequence to the US’ democracy-preaching imperialism).

The evils of the Google Age take form in porous Internet security, unmoored money, regulatory overreach, network concentration, officious delays, and diminishing returns of Big Data. All of these problems derive from the hypertrophy of third parties that need to be collapsed into simpler systems of governance by which the actions of individual agents are more directly controlled relative to the actual point of service.

The aforementioned third parties comprise financial traders, search engines, social networks, or global retailers run by massive agglomerations of Siren Servers. Additional examples of overreach include monetary systems run by central banks, parliaments, and treasuries wielding money as a sort of exercise of wizardry from which outcomes are determined by the enchantments enforced by their wands.

This system is intended to act as the legitimate heir to the Gold Standard, by which money was tethered to a highly finite store of physical value which has maintained a relevant sense of translatable worth through thousands of years of trade and commerce between East and West.

Somehow, such overreaching institutions have enforced a sense of legitimacy and relevant evolution which has been taken as given by supposed experts, whose powerdriven incentives have seldom been relevantly subject to the criticism touted as central to the supposed democratic supremacy through which wars have been sanctioned, systems of reality imposed, and inequities legally crystalized throughout an infinitely complex global economy enslaved by the USD.

The necessitated sub-realities which have persisted include the shape and directionality of innovation, with a Victorian bourgeoisie sense of modesty deployed to enforce superiority of the very nature of social realities for individual agents throughout the varied spectrum of their allocated participation bounds. In other words – it is simply taken as given; parameters, let alone context, are never set in any rhetorical calculus of how the Empire is run – let alone that is, in fact, an Empire.

The Empire may think that Satoshi’s followers operate with bastardised (read: inferior) claims, but the Emperors and their courtiers would do well to review the 280T (as of 2018) of debt which was teetering on the abyss even before the pandemic shook the global economy to the very pillars of its foundation.

Post-2020, it is beyond reasonable doubt that any sensible actor within this arbitrary system of financial governance need to pivot. All need to be decentralised and brought back to the management of the private parties that understand business constraints and real investment opportunities. 2021 will yet further solidify the natural selection process already well underway in super asset owners’ reallocations of substantial capital into the private markets.

Yet more interestingly, this Capital reallocation has quietly undergone a revolutionary shift into new leadership in emerging managers within Venture Capital; thanks in substantial part to the ways in which those operating beyond opulence of Imperialist presumption as global shapers have quietly invested – albeit in substantial sum – towards R&D in the emerging technologies which now require Emperors to bend the knee to transparency in order to survive.

Thus, we witness the rise of Blockchain. Governments and investors everywhere should embrace the explosion of creativity in crypto, which has primed those thinking outside the “box” for the new financial system of the world – at the very moment when the fiat currency piñata has – at last – burst. Those operators drunken from opulent overreaching systems of financial imperialism would do well to catch on before it is too late. Else their own fortunes may very well go down with it.

Article: Diandra von Lenzburg

Post Author: Wealth Monaco