The Bridge App – A digital solution for funding innovation.  No events? No face-to-face meetings? The Bridge wants to become the solution between investors and innovative projects.

The Private Investment Group seeks to provide Sovereign Wealth Funds, Multi-Family Offices, Private Equity Funds and UHNWI all over the world, portfolio diversification and early access to investment opportunities. 

The group is working with companies and projects from seed level through to Series C and beyond, helping them to gain access to new markets, raise capital when needed or form strategic partnerships from the private sector or at a governmental level.

The Bridge Application, is a cutting-edge platform designed to connect the world of investment with the most innovative companies from around the globe.  It allows startups and growth stage businesses the ability to showcase their investment opportunity to Investors, Funds and Family Offices around the world.

The Bridge App mission is to connect, raise capital, cooperate, innovate, complete mandates. Already available to download in App Store and Google Play is intended to facilitating the connection between the global investment community and most innovative companies.

“Innovation is a journey not just a destination and raising capital is one of the most important parts of this journey. Finding the right allocators and aligning the company’s direction and vision with their specific mandates can be an impossible task. The Bridge App is here to provide a streamlined process meant to connect the right investors with the right companies by utilizing this unique mix of key features”

The Private Investment Group

Having the backing, guidance, and network of investors from The Private Investment Group, The Bridge App is uniquely supported and in partnerships with many of the leading Sovereign Wealth, Funds, Family Offices, Investment Funds and U/HNWI around the world.  This exclusive position allows to showcase exciting companies, providing investors with the gold standard of deal flow.

Individual investors, Family Offices and Large Investment Funds all carry their own mandates. These can be driven by industry type, stage of the company, ticket size requirement or geographical interests.  

“The way of delivering an idea is almost as important as the idea itself.”

For this reason, the App integrates video presentations to get a quicker and in-depth vision of the company, the leadership, and the opportunity. 

The founders of the App, also emphasize on privacy ; an incredibly important criteria for all investors when sourcing the right companies in which to be investing. Therefore the Bridge can allow investors to choose to be private in their evaluations and open discussions only with those companies where they have a strong wish to invest.

The Private Investment Group is regularly touring around the glob to organize investment events, and the Bridge App will offer the possibility to review all past events held in Monaco, Dubai, Amsterdam or Zurich.

Source : The Private Investment Group