Unite Monaco by the Private Investment Group

Following the Unite Monaco event organized by the Private Investment Group, earlier this month, which gathered high-level public sector figures and private families from the UAE and Monaco, Wealth Monaco caught up with Obediah Ayton, Chief Operating Officer of the Private Investment Group.

What is the Private Investment Group mission and process?

We have acted for the last three years as an international gateway into the GCC region which is very much open for business and has consistently been the biggest allocators of capital despite the global pandemic.

We have established built relationships with the public and private sector within the GCC with a focus on supporting International business, businesses that seek access to the region through a joint ventures and partnership for the distribution and licensing of products and services but also attracting investment both indirect and directly.

Our business model differs from the traditional investment bank and advisory model in thatwe don’t just focus on yields. Instead we look for people, products and solutions that can provide a true value to the GCC region. As it is not just about capital and  Achieve returns. We work with companies and founders who want to and can add value to the country, to boost the economy, generate jobs, knowledge transfer and helping to bring on the next generation of entrepreneurs. In this respect the Private Investment Group isacting as a AAA key figure in the GCC market.

What’s next?

We are now working on establishing a formal economic bridge between Monaco and the middle east where there’s a kind of push and pull of opportunities, that is to say a relationship where we can create economic opportunities between Monaco andthe GCC region. Such ambition is achievable in several ways: through trade investments or seizing upon the unique opportunitiesthat present themselves to TPIG, largely because  The Private Investment Groupuniquely positioned as a gateway partner connecting Europe (Monaco), with the US and GCC, based in Abu Dhabi and London.

We will be supporting Monaco who have invested a lot of time and effort into building an incredible showcase pavilion atDubai Expo 2020, we will be helping the Monaco Economic Boardensure they are able to benefit from what is a significance presence on a global stage. TPIG has been discussing with Guillaume Rose, Executive officer of the Monaco Economic Board, to support Monaco to establish the right connections and make important introductions, this is because the region can be tricky to navigate.

The Private Investment Group is looking to open relationships within the region for International groups located in Monaco to improve both trade relationships, links key personalities and get the conversations started. A region that prefers face to face conversations to cement new friendships that follow initial conversations on Zoom. A region that prides itself on building long lasting relationships.

Monaco’s  tax advantages as a significant principality has been at the centre of Europe for decades is both a hub for investment and a gateway for European trade. It can be said the beating heart of Europe as Monaco is all about promoting International trade and simply doing good, leading the global debate on climate change and sustainability. 

Monaco’s heritage and history can deliver additional benefits to a relatively  young market who is already experiencing a generational shift as ruling families prepare succession planning to a new generation that will move the region to the next phase. A generation that is both tech savvy, willing to travel and open new opportunities for innovation and trade.

Monaco has a lot to offer and wishes to build long lasting trusted relationships. Our companies and successful groups  are looking to establish themselves in the middle east region and Internationally.

Dubai Expo as one of the worlds premier global events is the opportunity for Monaco to will attract a lot of attention across all sectors, emerge the community in global initiatives to support a digital world and directly get involved in the new era of technologies for smart cities, feed and agri-each, accreted learning, blockchain  supporting food security and provenance. An opportunity to mix with a high concentration of business leaders, government officials, heads of state and major investment groups.

It is an exciting prospect, for Monaco to commit to hosting such a giant pavilion means that the country is truly dedicated  to developing new relationships, new trade and investment opportunities with at the GCC region.

The July gathering of Unite Monaco organised by The Private Investment Group hosted 150 business leaders, family offices, government figures at the Monaco Yacht Club who enjoyed an exclusive dinner meeting key guests from the GCC region. A  very successful event has become a must attend event in the Monaco business calendar and links with the suite event in Dubai on the 30th September on the eve of the Expo 2020.

The unique aspect of Unite Monaco has created a relaxed environment where Family Offices and private wealth can feel relaxed and comfortable, an atmosphere that allowed families and UHNW to open up about their focus, plans and ideas in a post covid business world.

CEO of The Private Investment Group Mr Alasatir Lidel commented “We strongly believe that Monaco is a privilege land to create connections and contacts, that people can utilise once being in the Principality”.

Interview: Joana Foglia

Post Author: Wealth Monaco