Basel Committee publishes analytical reports on climate-related financial risks

The Basel Committee on Banking Supervision published two analytical reports on climate related risks. The Basel Committee on Banking Supervision published two analytical reports entitled Climate-related risk drivers and their transmission channels and Climate-related financial risks – measurement methodologies which are intended to be read in tandem. Both reports leverage extensive reviews of existing literature, including […]


Results of the ECB’s public consultation on digital euro

The European Central Bank (ECB) publishes the results of the public consultation on a digital euro The public consultation launched by the ECB on a digital euro on October 12, 2020 ended on January 12, 2021 with more than 8,200 responses. The analysis confirms of this consultation, by and large, the ECB’s initial findings: what […]

Jeroen Blokland

Bitcoin as digital gold – a multi-asset perspective

Bitcoin is often derided as being highly volatile, but as digital gold it could play a role in a multi-asset portfolio. This is the theme of this article by Jeroen Blokland, Head of Multi-Asset team at Robeco. The virtual currency reached a record high of more than USD 60,000 in March – rising from lows […]

Pictet Asset Services

Pictet Asset Services expands its activity to Monaco

Pictet Asset Services, the asset servicing business line of the Pictet Group, is opening a booking centre for external asset managers in Monaco, with a local presence of dedicated client relationship managers. Pictet group which set up its banking branch in Monaco last February 2020 to serve mainly private resident client base, announces today the […]


Monaco AML-CFT

The fight against money laundering and the financing of terrorism: its prevention is a shared concern In the Principality of Monaco, cooperation and data exchange between the various players in the fight against money laundering, terrorist financing and corruption are governed by Bill No. 1.362, which has recently been amended. In this context, the SICCFIN […]


2021 : Biodiversity, Climate and Land Protection Events

The COP26, the COP15, a study group on biodiversity and finances, 2021 is the year of the biodiversity, climate and land protection events NGFS A growing number of central banks and supervisors have recognised the need to extend their focus from climate change to the challenges of addressing the implications of broader nature-related risks and […]

stock market

How Equity Markets have Priced Climate Transition Risks?

MSCI examines in its latest ESG study, the financial impact of climate transition risk on global equity markets and finds that climate has increased in importance in the last two years, with potential long-term implications for understanding market behavior. Foundations of Climate Investing: How Equity Markets Have Priced Climate Transition Risks? To answer to this […]


ESG caught between Label, NGO, Rating Agency and Stock Index

Methodologies for measuring the sustainability of businesses are expanding and evolving rapidly. Indeed, as an investor, how to miss the ESG criteria and carbon emissions generated by a company? But what if, beyond collective awareness, valuation of companies was impacted by its carbon emissions? While at the end of March, Euronext announced the creation of […]

Jean Castellini

Monaco Participates in the Coalition of Finance Ministers for Climate Action

This Tuesday, April 6, 2021, Jean Castellini, Government Counselor-Minister of Finance and the Economy participated in the meeting organized by the Coalition of Finance Ministers for Climate Action on the sidelines of the spring meetings of the World Bank and of the International Monetary Fund. Launched two years ago, this coalition brings together the Finance […]


Acquisition of Lyxor by Amundi

Amundi has entered into exclusive negotiations with Société Générale for the acquisition of Lyxor for a total cash consideration of €825m, or €755m excluding excess capital. With this acquisition, Amundi would become the European leader in ETF, with €142bn combined AuM, a 14% market share in Europe and a diversified profile in terms of client base and geography. Amundi would […]

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